“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”

I totally agree, I too recently travelled to Maharashtra, Lathur to a “carnival resort” for a family get-together. It was a lot of fun. I know there’s covid, but we maintained distance and wore masks. It was a lot of fun anyway. I even got to meet my sisters after a long time. We stayed there for 3 days. 

Travelling Day – 

We pretty much were just travelling. So my family and I left our house by 8. We reached there by 9 pm. My cousins were already there. We had a lot of fun on the way. My father had bought Tablet Holders for the car so we watched movies. We were travelling for almost 8-9 hours. The travel was good, the scenery was amazing. It was very pretty. We had snacks on the way. I remember going into this shed to buy Tea and Vada Pav. My Father loved the tea. When we reached it was dinner time. We had dinner in the resort restaurant. It was called “Jungle Bhookh”. Yes, that’s funny it was Jungle-themed! It was very pretty and interesting. My 5-year-old sister enjoyed it there a lot with our cousin. The day was nothing special but it was fun. Soon we were shown to our rooms and we went to bed shortly.

How the restaurant Looked 

Day 1 – Video ~ Subscribe

So on the first day, we were waiting for our other relatives to arrive. Until then I was busy recording a video for my Channel. If you want to see more about the 1st day you can see the video. While we were recording our relatives arrived. We all met them and I continued to record. The park and swimming pool were unfortunately closed. But there was a “Moonlight lawn” which was open. We went there and clicked some good pictures. 

Soon it was lunchtime so we went to the Banquet Hall. We had a lot of fun! We played games and caught up. I played foosball with my sisters. The main part of the fun was when we played some family games. It was amazing. We played “hold the spoon and walk fast” (we didn’t put it on our mouths because of covid). We also played “housie” with money, I had 30 rupees left. 

We had dinner soon. We were very tired so we went to our rooms. I could not help but wonder how day 2 would turn out

Day 2 – Video Subscribe 

Everyone was awake, except me. I woke up at 9 am. We were all ecstatic and super happy because it was my grandmom’s and grandpa’s anniversary. I wished them, and they were very happy. We all first played some outdoor games, we played Tug of war, Dodgeball, and Dog and Bone.

After playing the games we went to refresh and got ready for lunch. Meanwhile, I was busy taking pics 

We enjoyed it a lot! At night we had a Bollywood quiz and soon after that, we had a Cake cutting ceremony and DJ night. 

Day 3 – video ~ Subscribe

On day 3 we were all very happy and sad, it was our last day there. It was my Tauji and Taiji anniversary. We were very excited and happy because there was a pool party. It was amazing. 

We were in the pool for more than 4 hours! We played games also. I also jumped into the pool several times, it was much scarier than it looked. Then we all freshened up and got ready for lunch. After lunch, we even played a GK quiz. I was partnered with my cousin and we didn’t get many correct answers. In the evening we had a celebration. 

We didn’t only celebrate but did a couples quiz (i could not take part) and played Antakshari. 

The next day we all left. 

I really enjoyed the trip. I met my family after a very long time so it felt good. And because of Covid, I was not able to travel before so after a very long time, I was happy travelling . I think it is important to travel because it might not just be a trip but a break for you to focus on other things and not only your school or work.

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