What is faith? Faith could be spiritual or general feeling. It is mostly the strong belief in God. 

Faith is an inward feeling that one has during difficult times or when one feels like one is at the bottom of the deep, deep sea. It is something all human beings have, even if faith is not what they call it. Faith helps us to see the brighter side of the problem or situation that we may be in or helps us to be stronger in our thoughts.

When you have faith within you it gives you confidence, you will be able to overcome any obstacle that is in your path.

My Personal Reflection of spiritual faith:

Many times when I have misplaced things that were important and needed them but was not able to find them even after days of searching, I would just say these words. “Jesus please help me find them, I know you will guide me to the place it is in.” And yes, my Jesus has never let me down, in a few minutes of searching again I would find what I’m looking for, and immediately I would say “Thank you, Jesus, thank you, God.” This is an experience I have encountered many times in my life. 

Faith in general

The term faith can be defined as confidence and trust in a person, concept, or thing. Having faith in something or someone means believing in them and trusting them completely. 

It is a belief which holds to every person be it religious or non –religious,

Everyone has a different perspective when it comes to faith.

Faith is not what we claim to believe but it’s something we truly believe in.

Any struggle becomes easier when the individual has faith in themselves to take it forward and overcome it.

Having faith is the true essence of having hope. 

No matter how high an individual’s aspirations maybe, if they have trust and faith in themselves then they could be successful in their endeavours and their dreams could surely turn into reality. So, faith plays a vital role in our lives, without having faith as our foundation, our approach to any struggle becomes meaningless. 

Building a strong foundation of faith within ourselves enables us to be successful in life and helps us keep moving forward and face challenges. Faith is important even during failures, it’s that faith that pushes us to embrace that failure and try till one succeeds.   

Faith is something that cannot be embedded in a person. It comes from within depending on the attitude and the way in which the person looks at life and his/her surroundings.

Faith is a motivating factor in one’s life, without which we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals entirely and everything would be very challenging and hence, causing our self-confidence to decline.

A person can dream and be eager to see his/her dreams come true but when faith fails to be present in their life, these dreams would seem like a mighty task to achieve and be just dreams.

Remember a person who has set skills, who is intelligent, cannot achieve their goals without faith is the driving force, because it’s a factor that plays an important role in keeping a person’s aims clear in life.

Faith is greater than an impression in our minds, it is more than words and determines the action of an individual. When a person has faith in an object or an idea, the person’s main concern is the same object or idea. For example, a football team may have faith that they would win hence their primary concern would be to win the game.

To sum it all up, faith is building on achieving your dreams for life

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