Unforgettable :

Our student Shreya Radhakrishna and an alumnus of CMR NPS- Sunaina S Rao- played at the Mamba Cup on 22nd November, 2020, between two Karnataka basketball clubs. Shreya Radhakrishna played for the National Games Village Basketball Club (NGVBC) while Sunaina S Rao played for the Indiranagar Basketball Club (IBC). Three matches were played between these two teams. The NGVBC won. However, these clubs were not aware of a pleasant surprise that awaited them. The guest during the match was India’s very own women’s basketball team! The winning club, NGVBC, played against the women’s team. A proud moment indeed! And an unforgettable opportunity for our students.

But that’s not all. In this year’s Padma awards, one of the players of the Indian women’s team that played last November, Anitha Pauldurai, was awarded a great civilian honour- the Padma Shri Award! Hearing this news, Shreya Radhakrishna recalled her match from last year with excitement and realized once again how lucky they had been to encounter the Indian team and Miss Anitha Pauldurai in particular!

Miss Anitha is an inspiration to thousands today. She has successfully taken up a sport that is not widespread in India, and, by doing so, has encouraged the youth in India to follow their dreams- no matter how unusual. We look up to such role models because they remind us of what is possible – if only we can put our minds to the task, our hearts into doing our best and train our spirits to be undefeated.

Looking forward to the day when such role models emerge from our own school and inspire the nation! 

– Aviendha Asati, Sub- Editor, CMR NPS

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