The debate club has created a vision and a band of future speakers ready to take on any competition ahead of them.

Firstly, What is a debate? To some, a debate may just be an ordinary argument where there are two disrespectful people or teams throwing nothing but insults at each other, But a debate is much more than that closed-minded perspective. A debate is a formal discussion where two views upon a particular topic go head to head.

In our debate club, We did exactly that. We discussed topics with two different views following the well-known statement, for and against. 

The teachers, who were all excellent hosts of the debate club, gave us some excellent and interesting topics, for example, “should students have to wear uniforms” or “are violent video games appropriate entertainment for teenagers?”. We had incredibly informative debates upon these topics!. To add the cherry on the top, we even had Hindi debates!! Hindi debates were one of the most helpful and exciting parts of the club as they allowed for students who were a little insecure or not very sure of their Hindi speaking skills, use the Hindi debates as a medium to express their knowledge of the language. By debating upon topics like ऑनलाइन स्कुल अच्छा है या परम्परागत स्कुल( Traditional school ). अपने विचार प्रकट कीजिए | and किस क्षेत्र में सरकार को ज़्यादा पैसा खर्च करना चाहिए देश की सुरक्षा में या स्वास्थ्य में? अपने विचार प्रकट कीजिए|. With these topics, students could put in what they understood from it and the participation in the Hindi debates was marvelous to see!. Every student wanted a chance to express their views and how they thought of the topics. In both Hindi and English debates, the students were put into two separate breakout rooms, one for “for” and the other for “against”. In each breakout room, the respective teams discuss how they can defend their side and how to give good contours. After around 15 minutes of discussion, the breakout rooms close and the teams are in the main meeting. In the main meeting, the two teams go head to head against each other with brilliant attacking and defending points. Another very interactive idea that the teachers had was games! Yes, we had some very interesting games that we played as well. For example, we played the pixel picture game, Where an assigned leader showed a mere pixel of an image, and based on the pixel the students had to debate it out and find out and come to a conclusion of what picture the pixel belonged to. With some very fun and interesting answers that club session was one of the best that we had! We also had the “Balloon debate activity” where we each write about our role model in a slide and the teacher shows it to the students, and the students decided if the write up is good enough for the person to make it into the hot air balloon, How well made and interesting is that?. 

As you can see, we had many inquisitive and interactive sessions. Sessions of knowledge, understanding, speaking skills, and of course some incredible fun! The debate club helped many people come forward, and enjoy some good public speaking to express their oratory skills and how they can bring their points forward. Overall, The debate club was excellent in every possible way and I would love to take part in it for another year!! And as all the teachers said, oh how we wish we had more time!

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