“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read just one page.” – Saint Augustine

Travelling could be a hobby for some, while for others it could just be something that they do on vacation.  While I belong to the latter, I would definitely like to explore various places around the world one day, within 80 days perhaps!
I beg to differ with those who believe that traveling is just a waste of time and resources. To begin with, you learn about the world. It’s an exciting way of getting to know about the different cultures and practices across various countries. Secondly, traveling not just allows you to explore the world, but yourself. If you are traveling alone, you get some time off for yourself, to absorb the tranquility and peace around you. I personally feel that this is an important aspect of traveling. The quote “Not all those who wander are lost” perfectly supports this statement. On the contrary, if you are traveling with friends or family, it allows you to make some unforgettable memories. Furthermore, it makes you an independent person, a trait that every individual must-have. The kinds of feelings or emotions that traveling might trigger are, feeling of calm and peace, relaxation, stress relief, satisfaction, and so on. Everyone needs a getaway from their daily routines! Travelling could be within your state, your country, or between different countries and/or continents. Today, people can travel wherever they wish to, because of the excellent network of roadways, railways, waterways, and airways.

One of my favourite experiences was my trip to London in 2017. It was a very relaxing vacation where I bonded with my family and relatives, in addition to getting to know the beautiful city!

There is no doubt that today, due to the pandemic, the amount of people traveling has gone down by a large margin. I am confident that all the travelers are waiting eagerly to travel again when the situation gets better! In fact, everyone, including people who don’t identify traveling as a hobby, is waiting to experience the pleasure of travelling again. It’s a much-needed break for everyone! The tourism and travelling industry have been affected deeply due to the pandemic. While the government has relaxed some restrictions and curbs, people are still hesitant to travel due to fear. Who could’ve anticipated such times! I can say this from my personal experience, our trip to Chennai had gotten cancelled twice, because my family and I were a little hesitant to travel, even when the cases had dipped by a large proportion. Again, there could be 2 types of people, People that are willing to take the risk to travel and have a relaxing time off, and people that are hesitant to travel, like me!

However, we could simply take a small road trip just for some time off, with all the precautions, before the third wave starts again! It need not necessarily be to another city or state, it could just be within your own city. Stepping out after a long time does feel very relaxing and nice!

“I see that it is by no means useless to travel if a man wants to see something new.” – Jules Verne

By, Laya Srikanth, XI E

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