Poverty is something almost every day in our lives, but after that, we just go about our work. In a country like India, poverty is something common, we turn our heads around the streets and we see poverty, but what is actually done to end it?

Poverty is mainly caused due by the lack of economic development and opportunities and also overpopulation, other minor reasons could be overpopulation, government, climatic conditions, war, and much more. Bangladesh is a small country, but is overpopulated, with a population of 160 million people, poverty is considerable poverty in their country. A poor person does not have enough money, to get an education, without an education he cannot get a job, if he has no job, he can’t afford a home or food, with food there is no nutrition so he tends to get sick or have a disability due to lack of hygiene, sanitation, clean water, and food, so we can see that penury is the root cause to many other problems. 

The Government has been taking a lot of measures to eradicate poverty from India, by giving free education to the children in need, and putting more ration shops (giving free food to the people in need) all over India. Since 60% of India depends on their income on agriculture, the government has decreased the price of agricultural equipment, and not even in India there are acts of helping the people in need but it is all over the world, Bill gates who was the reigning king as the richest person in the world for a long time now has donated more than 36 billion dollars to the people in need. In South Korea, the government has established a system where you need to pay money to throw your food away in the dustbin. This act really teaches people to be grateful for food and respect money. Through these acts, we can see that if we all join together, we can end poverty and make the world a better place to live in.

The next time you throw away your food because you don’t like it, or throw away your clothes or toys because they are not what you want, remember that in this world there is a child who just wished he had any of these things in any sort. Even if you can donate your food, old clothes, and toys because it will make a change in somebody’s life.

“Poverty is the worst sort of violence”- Mahatma Gandhi

By, Sai Pranay, Grade 8, CMRNPS

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