Today, we got the opportunity to participate in the Parampara quiz conducted by the beloved teachers of our school. This quiz taught all the participants and teachers a lot about our mythology. It lets us branch out and learn about different religions and cultures which is ideal for us, being citizens of a diverse and secular country. We learned about Indian history like details related to monuments, language, etc.

There were four rounds in total. The first quiz day contained the first round and the rest were done today. So today there were 25 people in total including all the grades from fifth grade to ninth grade. The first two were done written and the other two were done orally. In the first oral round, we were asked one question each and in the second oral round, we were asked three questions each. Five people from each grade were qualified to the second round. Since the second round did not have elimination, the same five people continued to stay till the third round. To qualify for the final round, however, we had to be in the top three.

Not only was it very informative, it also brought loads of happiness and joy. We got an opportunity to participate in a competition that made us proud of our culture. We also met many students from different grades. It was thoughtfully conducted by our teachers who worked hard for this wonderful quiz. We were kept entertained and had lots of fun. This included brain breaks, breathing exercises, stretching, and the quiz itself. The teachers motivated us and reduced our stress. The students participated enthusiastically and it was good to see the amount of knowledge my friends carried.

I especially liked the last two rounds in which we could answer questions orally. The questions asked about the epics were exceptionally enjoyable for me. I felt the questions related to the different religions were slightly complicated and challenging but also taught me a lot about it. I am grateful for the questions I was asked because they definitely helped me with my knowledge of mythology.

It was certainly worth joining. I am sure that the other participants too enjoyed the quiz as much as I did because I surely did not regret attending the quiz contest. If possible I would definitely attend this quiz again and would love it if many more people would participate along with me. I would like to thank all the teachers who put effort into this wonderful quiz and all my fellow participants for actively answering these questions. Overall, it was an interactive and joyful experience that will not be forgotten easily.

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