A warm welcome to all.
Today the 12th of August, we the students of K2/Mont. Section C conducted their virtual assembly.
Our host for the event was Mohammed Hamza Munaver who did a splendid job.

Pranitha R took us through the calendar activity for the day.
The thought for the day was said by Shreyansh Konda. The thought means that by planting a tree the roots hold it firmly in the soil so we should learn to gather strength from our deepest roots.

We had Arhaan Aziz Enayath, our news reporter who shared the National, International, and Sports news in brief updating us on the current affairs.
The students then took us through the life of a little tree as he journeys through the years withstanding the different seasons along the way with their colorful backgrounds.

Aadya Patil tells us that trees are very useful to us in many ways but do we ever stop to think of the life they go through. No.
Mark Ethan who was the tree that stands tall and proud, hugging the earth like a mother holds her child starts his journey meets his first friend spring,
Anushka Prasanna and Maanvitha Venugopal played the role of “spring”. They brought with them life, sun, showers, and the smell of wildflowers that made people smile.

Then Pratyusha Chakravarthy waltz in with the summer moon that was gorgeous. The air was filled with laughter, the soft wind blowing, the birds and the bees, the squirrels and the bugs playing and soaking up the heat from the sun’s yellow rays. All of a sudden summer was gone.
Vishruth N – Autumn stopped by. He was so colorful and full of wind that the cool breeze blew through the leaves changing them to reds, browns, oranges, and yellows and making them sway from side to side.
Viaan B Nanjappa did a little action song with the autumn leaves.
Neel whose nickname was “fall”, had all his leaves falling from his branches that made him sad and cry because he was not too happy, he loved all his leaves. Neel goes on to explain that we must go along with the changes in life or we may not be successful.

As we celebrated “winter’s” birthday Meera Anand came with her blankets of snowmaking everything along her way all white and ready to play but winter’s friends were not very nice.

Nisha Kanthalu added that they dumped the show all over the earth and it was all frozen. It was depressing and unhappy and was ready to give up when I saw a green bud pop his head out of the soil, then I knew spring was back with its fresh air.

Mark Ethan tells us that he lived through the good days and the bad days. He teaches us that life is not easy but if we are patient everything will get better and life is a gift we should treasure. So be proud and stand tall.
Now, my friends, we did not just take you through the journey of a tree but also the seasons of the year.

Mohammed Faisal Ahmed thanks everyone for the lovely assembly.
Have a good day!

By, Geraldine Catherine Kolb, PPM Teacher

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