The little girl woke up on her bed from an unexceptionally strange dream. Not that she had not seen one of the same a day or two ago. She got off the bed with the wooden board under her feet creaking softly. She stood in her place, thinking pensively of the dream she had. She remembered herself in the dream. Well, almost everyone usually has a dream that includes them. She tried recollecting the events, none of them were quite usual to the events of the past. Not that the dream was weird and crazy. It was normal. Yet she found something different and unusual about it. The events of her normal weekday are illustrated in a blurry manner. 

   Except….the start. It was like she was moving through the unlimited void of dark matter and energy, a silent scream echoing through her ears for hours until she reached the light. Ah, alas, she wouldn’t have much time to ponder upon the thought for the moment. Her mother called out to her from the kitchen. 


The same girl, Mauna Pranada, sat on her bed. She was there, at the moment. Was she? She wouldn’t have time to think about other things except for her company. Despite that, she sat, thinking to herself, once again about the dreams she has been having for who knows how many years now. All different but at the beginning, the void of dark matter remained the same. The dream somehow depicted the events of the following day. How very peculiar. People just called it Deja-vu. But she thought differently. What if there was an unlimited void of dark matter like space- 

She paused, there is an unlimited void of dark matter, space. How come that never came to her mind before. How come she was traveling through the void of space when she was asleep? How come there is a silent scream ringing through her ears every night? How come she got recollections of a day that never actually happened, but might occur in the future? How come her dreams depicted the events of the next day? What if she paid attention to her dream?

Evening arose as the sun went down. Her eyes dropped, her day had not gone too well. Her back was tired and the bed was inviting. She sat on the bed and sat idle, no thoughts in her mind, just plainly staring into her surroundings. Lying down she closed her eyes and fell asleep at the moment. 

The silent roar started screaming into her ears. Loud this time. She slowly looked around her. Light glitched past her eyes. Once again she was traveling into the infinite void of space. The silent scream started feeling familiar. Yes, she had heard this before. The sound of silence, the roar of the space. Not that disturbing this time, she looked down. Colors of pink, blue, and purple were moving fast below her feet. She was not too surprised, just amused. She approached the light of what represented the Earth. The light was bright, entering another system that closely portrayed the solar system. 

She stopped, on the other earth. The light temporarily blinded her eyesight. Slowly she could see the world around her. A small playground, with little swings and see-saws. Kids of many ages running around. This small little scene didn’t seem to affect her emotions. Still, she stood with no feelings. Across the playground, she saw herself. The only thing was that she was smiling. The sky was blue, the sun shined bright, the alternate version of her sat, looking around at the smiles of the little kids and the wind gushing through her hair. Mauna’s eyebrows contracted, who could smile looking at a bunch of kids running. The alternate Mauna got up, still smiling. She walked past the playground to the small road beside it. The little stream of water bordering the road splashed with joy. The sunlight escaping from the net of trees. The alternate Mauna looked around, happy. She was not smiling but the happiness in her eyes was visible. She looked like a nymph from a country of enchantment. Every little thing made her happy and smile. She had the same problems as Mauna, yet her happiness never faded. 

Mauna looked, she understood fast that the alternate Mauna was living. She started questioning again. Was she living her life? Does she appreciate what she has? her mind was filled with these thoughts and nothing else. She slowly looked down, the light dimming as she was being pulled back the dark matter of space. The silent scream took over her ears. What was the universe trying to tell her?

………….about the multiverse

What is the MULTIVERSE

Many of us believe in the multiverse, several different universes. Our universe may just be one of many others. The multiverse theory suggests that the cosmos contains multiple universes. Indeed, some scientists believe that there is an infinite number of universes; which means an infinite number of civilizations, histories, and versions of you. This is a story depicting the existence of the multiverse.

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