Today, we the students of class 7D, presented our assembly on teamwork. It started off with the morning prayer, and then the motivational thought “coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is a success.” The news headlines were then read out, consisting of local, state, and national news. Then, we had the students talk about teamwork. In the student talk, our classmate explained that teamwork is one of the most essential parts of the school, employment, or even in industries like sports and business. After that, a skit on teamwork, prepared by the students, was displayed for the audience to see. It was a skit on how children in school were made into a team, lost their way at a campsite, and found their way back because of their teamwork. The video was around 6 minutes long. Then our class teacher shared her views on teamwork during the teacher’s talk. She also mentioned a real example of our class working as a team to bring the whole assembly together. We were honoured by her words and this positive speech keeps us pushing forward to work harder as a team. The teacher’s talk was followed by the presentation of the credit, showing the contributions of each student. This was followed by the motivating words of our coordinators. We received a lot of support from the middle school coordinators. One of our friends then said the vote of thanks, and that brought us to an end of the assembly. While making the assembly, we learnt many valuable lessons. We learnt that working as a team helps us increase the quality of the work we do. This also taught us that in tough situations, with some company you will always be able to make it through. We learnt that teamwork is very essential, and by fighting with teammates, we achieve nothing. This assembly helped me understand the importance of teamwork, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the coordination of our classmates and teachers.

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