Every human society possesses mythology which is inherited, transmitted, and diversified by literature – Northrop Frye

Mythology has played an intrinsic role in every civilization across the globe. Pre-historic cave paintings, etchings in stone, tombs, and monuments all advocate that, long before human beings set down their myths in words, they had already developed an ideology/interpretation corresponding to the definition of `myth’ provided by scholars. According to twentieth-century psychiatrist Carl Jung, myth is a necessary aspect of the human psyche which needs to find meaning and order in a world which often presents itself as chaotic and meaningless. 

There are many mythologies that we know today. Popular among these are the Greek Mythology, Babylonian, Roman, Arabian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Chinese, and many more. Anybody with the knowledge of more than one of these world mythologies would realize that there are few similarities between them.

Religion is a standardized system of beliefs and practices revolving around, or leading to, a magnificent spiritual experience. There is no culture recorded in human history that has not practiced some form of religion.

We live in a plural society with diverse cultures and religions. People of different cultures, practices, and beliefs can coexist together when children are given an opportunity to have a glimpse of all the cultures. Children also learn to respect and follow their own culture as well as appreciate other cultures.

To imbibe the knowledge of cultural ethos and trigger the inquisitive mind of our young learners, we at CMRNPS have conducted a quiz on Mythology.

CMRNPS hosted with enthusiasm the Intra School Parampara Mythological Quiz.

 It is indeed invigorating to think of conducting a Quiz competition on a topic that connects us all. Parampara is part of our tradition, culture, way of life and most importantly connects us to our roots. The quiz was conducted for students of Grades 5 to 9. Each campus conducted a quiz independently to select the final set of students.

The qualifying students from each campus were grouped as a team and given team names i.e Team Akash, Team Agni, Team Prithvi, Team Vayu.

The students from all the teams participated with lots of enthusiasm and vigor. Their knowledge on the subject is impeccable and made us all feel proud of our students. The quiz comprised three rounds, including rapid-fire round and visual round with specific time limits to answer the questions. Questions were based on mythologies of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism.

The scoreboard was updated after each round and the students looked forward with involvement and excitement for the next rounds.

Finally, Team Agni – ITPL campus came victorious followed by Team Prithvi – JPN which stood in the second position. While the winning teams were congratulated, all the participants were appreciated for their competitive spirit and zeal. 

We strongly believe that exposing students to different cultures and mythologies will make them better human beings thereby contributing to the peace and harmony of society.

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