The year 2021, didn’t it start just a few days back? After a long, big, and hectic year, I was thinking that the last working day of the year will be another normal day. That’s when the homeroom update of the upcoming expert speaking session caught my attention. ‘Santa’s favorite cookie baking session’ – Christmas eve is coming in 2 days and what better way to start than baking Santa’s favorite choco-chip cookies.

On December 23rd at 11:30 am Ms. Shambhavi Shesh welcomed us into the much-awaited session. Ms. Shambhavi, a passionate Homebaker has taken her passion into the profession through Bhuvi’s Bakehouse. All of Grade 3 and 4 students excitedly logged into the session. All the students looked thrilled and were eagerly waiting to learn cookie baking.

The session started with Ms.Shambhavi showing us all the required ingredients one by one. Ms. Shambhavi patiently started guiding us through the step-by-step procedure of preparing the dough.

At first, we took half a cup of powdered sugar in a bowl and mixed it with half a cup of butter. Once we finished mixing it well, we added 1 cup of whole wheat flour to it with a small pinch of salt. Now was the time to knead the dough well. Then, mam told us to add 1 tbsp of honey to the dough. The final touch was to add enough milk to get the right consistency of the cookie dough so we get the perfect cookies. It was already smelling so awesome! In the end, we added some choco-chips to the dough which was almost just like icing on the cake.

Ms. Shambhavi then guided everyone who couldn’t get the right consistency of the dough by giving them the required tips to make it perfect. At this point in time, we all kept our oven on preheating at 180 degrees celsius for 10 mins. Then we took very small balls of dough and started shaping them into a small cookie shape. The final part was the best when we sprinkled some more choco chips on top. The time finally came when we had to put the cookie for baking for 15-20 mins in the preheated oven. My mouth had already started watering at the fragrance of the cookies getting baked in the oven. When I took the cookies out, the golden coloured cookies with choco chips looked and smelled so tempting! As the saying goes by Thomas Keller “A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe” Cooking in the presence of my mother and my grandmother really brought out the family spirit and added loads of soul to the food. I just couldn’t believe that we did this all by ourselves in just half an hour. As Sienna Miller quoted “ I am stupidly proud of myself.”

The entire session was very fun-filled and insightful, I do not have enough words to thank Ms. Shambhavi for taking out her precious time to spend with us. This was the best possible way to end this year and Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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