Rabbit Holes

When it is time to study or clean your room, you check your phone one last time. After this, you promise yourself that you will start your work. You open Instagram, and hold on- that reel seems interesting. You click on it, you watch it, and you send it to your friend. You swipe down to the next reel. You were supposed to start your work ten minutes ago, but now you’re in too deep. And what do you know, it’s been an hour and now there’s no time left to study, might as well keep watching reels.

We all go down rabbit holes. You’re reading your textbook and doubt a concept. You go to its Wikipedia page and somehow end up on the page on the sun shield protection of the James Webb Space Telescope. Assigned homework can make even the most boring of topics seem more interesting by proxy.

This was my Tuesday evening. I was meant to study economics but ended up an hour and a half into zandraart’s art blog trying to find a new WhatsApp chat wallpaper. And I did find some good art. Problem is, I found too much good art. How was I meant to pick just one? By the time I managed to get out of the spiral, my eyes were dry and my hands hurt from reblogging.

Rabbit holes can be great. Those random bits of information do you learn? You can sneak them into conversations to seem smarter. However, they can also detract from your productivity. Do I have some gorgeous artwork I can now use as wallpapers and avatars? Yes. But did I also lose valuable time I could have used to study for my upcoming exams? Also yes. Rabbit holes are engaging, but learning when to stop won’t hurt.

As a bonus, I’ve added some of my favorites from my wallpaper hunt. If you want, go show the lovely zandraart some love!

Written by Bianca Fernandez, 12 F

Posted by cmradmin

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