Sorry boys, it’s about women again, this time it’s about the psychological empowerment of our beautiful women. We’re all focused on empowering women in society, politics, education, and other areas, while we completely neglect to emphasize the importance of empowering women psychologically; we entirely neglect how crucial it is to first empower women’s brains and minds to fully self-sufficiently and empower them. We are all aware that where there is disempowerment, empowerment occurs and as a result, since women are always perceived as a species that lacks power in comparison to men, it is our responsibility to help them realize how much more they are worth the LEAST we as humans could do is to offer women the proper outside assistance and intervention.

 Reverse psychology could be quite important in this situation to mentally empower women. This indicates that once we start educating women about their potential, they will gradually begin to believe in themselves, which will increase their confidence and at the same time, if appropriate measures are made to guarantee that women participate in programs, conversations, and sessions that focus on how women form the foundation of any society, this could result in the rise of their self-esteem and self-worth.

 It is important to remember that women who are psychologically empowered automatically become empowered in other areas as well. This is because when women begin to believe in themselves, they gain an understanding of who they are, become aware of what is undesirable about their circumstances and how they could be in a better situation, and become aware of what is within their reach and what they could do to possibly improve themselves. 

-Richa Sandeep 
11 D PCBPsy

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