The school ground came alive with the excited chatter of students as they were seated according to their house colours. They were there to witness the Investiture Ceremony, where the student representatives they had elected would officially commence their duties. 

The event began with Ms. Fasiha Fayaz introducing the respected chief guest, Dr. Trishtha Ramamurthy, to the gathering. Then came the marvellous procession of the newly elected student representatives, led by former Sports Captain Shreya and former head girl Keerthana. They marched with grace towards their allocated seats near the stage. 

Following this, to seek the blessings of the Almighty, an exquisite Bharatanatyam performance was presented by Shreya of grade 11. Then the moment everyone had been sitting tight for arrived, the conferring of badges to the representatives. One by one, they marched confidently on stage and graciously accepted their posts. 

The badges were handed out by Dr. Trishta, Ms. Ayesha, head of school. And coordinators Following this, the newly appointed representatives pledged to serve the school and carry out their duties diligently.

The new Head Boy, Naman Panda and The new Head Girl, Megha MS, gave a speech expressing their thanks and promised to fulfil their roles. The event concluded with everyone rising for the national anthem.

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