It was sometime during November 2022 that I came across an update on the Homeroom page on Schoology about a scholarship program in the name of one of my favourite legends Dr. Abdul Kalam. I was intrigued and decided to check it out. I checked out their website and understood there would be four levels of various challenging rounds. I found it exciting and decided to register myself for the program. Level 1 was scheduled to happen during Dec-Jan. Level 1 was an MCQ exam on Mathematics, General Science, General Awareness, English, puzzles & riddles, Reasoning & Aptitude. We were asked to choose a date and slot whenever it’s convenient for you, and I decided on a date in January.

I was thrilled and excited equally to give the exam. The exam was easy, and I was happy I could do well. In a few days, they announced the level 1 result, and I was elated to see that I had qualified for level 2. Soon we had to book a slot for the level 2 exam. The level 2 exam was similar to level 1, but the difficulty level was hard. But the level 2 exam was also easy, and I was happy with my performance. I waited eagerly for the results; those who cleared level 2 would get some exciting goodies. Soon the results were out by Jan end, and I was excited to know I qualified for the next level.

Level 3 was even more exciting as it would be a one-on-one interview with one of the panel members. They were looking to test our Personality, communication, Articulation & confidence. Again, like the previous two levels, we were asked to choose a favourable slot to schedule our video interview in March. Soon the interview happened. The panel member asked me many questions based on my ambitions, general knowledge, and past achievements. I was happy with how I performed and eagerly waited for the level 3 result. By the end of March, they announced the level 3 result, and I was more than happy to know that I had been qualified to level 4.

Level 4 is a project presentation round. The topic given to us was to find an innovative way to protect the human race and save Earth. The two plans provided as options were “Plan A – Better Earth – Better utilisation of resources on Earth” and “Plan B – Beyond Earth – Resources beyond Earth to save Earth”. I chose Plan B – Beyond Earth. I came up with some innovative ideas to utilise space resources to save Earth and the human race. We have been asked to submit a 1-minute video about our project and a model depicting our idea. They are yet to give us a date for the final presentation, and I am eagerly waiting to present my ideas. The organisers will help us patent our idea if the concept can be implemented. I am eagerly waiting to give my ideas in front of the honourable jury.

As I was waiting for the date for presenting my ideas, today I received the exciting goodies the organisers sent for level 2. They have sent us a colourful school bag, pen, water bottle, certificate, visa card, table calendar, and notepad, among many other items. I was thrilled to receive this from my coordinator, Pravitha, ma’am.

As I wait for the dates and the result following level 4, I would like to thank my teachers and coordinator for informing us of this event and encouraging us to participate and experience it. Without such homeroom updates, I would never have got this wonderful opportunity to participate in such wonderful programs. 

I am proud to have been part of this program, Dr Abdul Kalam Sponsorship Program, conducted by Mighty Minds to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr Abdul Kalam. This program was aimed to identify the mighty quotient among young minds through a series of scientific brain games. As I wait for the result, I would like to remember what Dr Abdul Kalam once said, “Winners are not those who never fail but those who never quit”.

Pranav Sunil
Grade VI-A

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