Aditi Rajesh was a former student of CMRNPS. She was the former head girl of CMR in the year 2019-2020. She is currently pursuing law at Jindal Global Law School and is in her second year of college. During the session, she spoke about the various skill sets she developed during her high school years.

An Interesting point which she spoke about that caught my attention was, she said that applying for leadership in the form of student council was genuinely important to her as it helped her develop skills. But while speaking about this a question arose stating, how she managed her time between studies and the responsibilities of being part of the student council. To this, she responded by saying that she was a take-it-easy and mediocre student up until her middle school years. But in the next 4 important years, she was consistent in her studies. Consistent as in, she used to pay attention in class and she used to come back home and reminisce on the topics that were taught in school and in the same way she had a good hold on the responsibilities that were on her shoulders as she was part of the student council.

Aditi also mentioned another point stating that networking and other widely known social media platforms actually played big roles in helping her to build a profile online and connect and interact with many people (even people from different campuses and colleges). Speaking about internships, she recalled an event where she tried to sell at least 5 tickets but she could only sell one ticket. This was crucial for her as it helped in dropping down her ego. Knocking down one’s ego helps a person face the several failures life has to offer.  

While coming to the end of the session she recollected several memories from her childhood and how life was like for her during 11th and 12th grade. She even urged us to take up the opportunities we get which might be in accordance with some of our interests. She then spoke about the subjects she took in 11th grade and about how the faculty supported her in every way they could. She also mentioned several events she organized along with her grade mates in the end. Some of the events include blazing hoops, XLR8, a twelfth-grade field trip, and much more.

This session with Aditi was helpful to me and I hope it would be the same for others too as it was mainly knowledgeable and the tips and the takeaways from this session are something I feel would genuinely help me in the future.  I can go on and on about the various takeaways!!!!! But I have to wind up – so I will end it here!

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