I have always aspired to be a teacher. The teaching profession enables us to connect to many people around us. We touch many lives, some we get inspired with, and some we inspire. 

When we started with online teaching, we all were not sure about the direction this situation would lead us to. As time passed, technology became an integral part of our life. The new change in education and interaction brought transformation in kids. Now they are exposed to the internet and have uncontrolled access to various information online. This worries parents about their social well-being, and mental health.

I am a Social Science teacher teaching Grade 2 & Grade 4 in CMR NPS. I realised that productive utilization of our morning meeting time is an opportunity to direct their thought process. I used the various tools that we all learned during the training sessions, such as Role-play, Turn and Talk, and See – Think – Wonder. 

Students came up with picture puzzles, Puppet shows, Quizzes, Word games, etc. Some captured birds in their camera and presented them to the class.  This gallery walk helped students to explore and plan and look at learning something new instead of monotonously going about with the usual humdrum of daily routine. These displays, not just amused the students for the whole day but were also a great eye-opener for me to kindle each one’s hidden talents. 

As students started relaxing, their social skills also improved to such an extent that during the end of the terms, students came up with ideas to help each other clarify their doubts about the respective subjects.

Another great initiative by CMR was the introduction of SEE learning. This is a unique platform that deals with calming mental health in a simple but effective way. It is a way to calm and direct our senses towards a productive aspect. Meditation helped students to calm down and find the solution to the conflicts happening in their minds and hearts. It also allowed them to reflect independently and react to any problematic situation calmly. This visible change in students reinforced to me what a noble profession I am pursuing.

To me, the Teaching profession is all about exploring possibilities, sharing ideas and feelings, and enjoying every minute however difficult it might seem.

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