We started at Grameen camp in “Sam Tours and Travels,” which was one of the best parts of our field trip; as we began to near the centre, it was a rush, but when we got down, we started experiencing the excellent destination “Grameen camp” (Village camp). We had formed lines to begin with breakfast, a perfect South Indian classical plate including that idli, chutney, vada, and hot sizzling sambar; It was delicious!

Then, we had some rest before our first activity. We were sorted into six groups –  Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Green, and white. I had landed up Black; each group was time-slotted into different activities. Our first activity was pottery; our guide taught how important pottery was in ancient times, how it is used now and what they use to make it. Instead of using an electrical spinner, our guide briefly explained how to use the traditional spinner.

Next, we were taken to a medical, natural plant exhibition as we learnt how medicinal plants were used as cures for diseases. We were asked to read the description and observe the leaves, roots, flowers, and stems.

Then we had a tractor ride, which made us realize how difficult it is to move on tractors, especially in villages, as the roads will be very bumpy. The students at the edge (Including me) reached out to the side to touch the leaves of plants and trees on our way. It was enjoyable!

Finally, it was lunch! Again, it was a classical south- Indian platter consisting of fried rice, curd rice, poori, aloo, papad, gulab jamoon and finally, all of our favourite, potato kabab!

Then we were given some time to play in the traditional playground, no slides, no merry-go-rounds, but climbing nets, balancing frames, tire swings, etc.

Then we were called to play some village games –

The first was called year groom, in which we had to move a wheel on its side using our hands. We had a competition between the boys and girls, and unfortunately, the boys won although we had a lot of fun!

The second one was called the lagoon, where our guide arranged a tower with flat stones dividing us into girls and boys. Whoever moves the building with the ball gets a point; if not, they get eliminated and guess who won this time? The GIRLS, Even if the boys lost, we all enjoyed it!

Then we had snacks consisting of a simple and tasty cheese cutlet and cow-milked badam shake. It was simply delicious!

The third game was Bone in the Dog. This game consisted of 2, and a ball was placed in the centre. One player from each team had to come forward and try to attempt to take the ball. The person who fails to take the ball gets eliminated, but our game ends as a draw with no winning point. But still, we enjoyed it.

Then we learned about traditional Indian cooking utensils, like oak, ammi, Kalu, etc. Our guide made us understand the difference between modern utensils and conventional South Indian cooking vessels. It informed us how much more helpful traditional South Indian cooking vessels are than everyday utensils. We experimented using them and had a lot of fun! Our guide also amazed us by making wooden beads; they were so pretty!

And that’s how we ended our field trip; I had lots of fun! It was simply a fantastic day.

Neharika Padmanaban
Grade 5A

Neharika Padmanaban

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