After weeks of planning and organization by the senior students of CMR NPS, the day was here. With sunup right around the corner, all the participants (and their furry friends) gathered inside the school campus, some even registering last minute through the registration counters stationed at the entrances to begin their run for a cause. The cause is to passively adopt and provide shelter and care to 500 needy animals. A partnership with CARE (Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre) and sponsorships with many big brands made this “The event of the season. Teachers and volunteers took their places within the campus or spread across the routes, and it went time!

The marathon kickstarted with an action-packed introduction and the welcoming of the chief guests- Mr Dion Samuel (Mr India) and Ms Sudha Narayanan (founder of CARE). Ms Ishita took over the stage to conduct a warm-up session that got our participants physically and mentally ready for their journey ahead. The participants ran, walked or jogged through the city from start to finish. Following their routes, they were refuelling at the pit stops and getting motivated by the student cheerleaders. Each participant glided through the city at early dawn and played their part in supporting the cause. The parents, the children, the early risers and the night owls all came together for a morning of great excitement while simultaneously giving voice and garnering support for their canine companions(and many other helpless animals.). It was a day when humanity took over, and compassion reigned. It was indeed a splendid depiction of humaneness.

After their scant voyage of the city, the participants returned to the base to find volunteers awaiting their arrival with refreshments. All eyes were on Ms Ishita again for a much-needed cool-down session. Following the freshening up of the runners, while the atmosphere was still electric, the prize distribution ceremony commenced. The winners were rewarded and celebrated by the runners and organizers alike.

Once the main event was over, the participants could purchase food and other goodies from many stalls. Everyone posed with their friends and family making memories. An echo of the time their Saturday morning was early, productive and part of a more significant cause.

G. Pavana Priya 
Grade 11 ‘H’

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