The Fundraiser: Our school was bustling with excitement and color on the fresh morning of the fundraiser. Students from grades 8 and 9 arrived, ready to show the parents all we’ve got.

Food stalls and game stalls were set up in earnest as we got ready to make some money. This money was going to be used to buy necessary commodities for an orphanage.

Chaats, sweets, pastries, chips, sandwiches. You name it, we had it. Parents started visiting our stalls to enjoy our food and also have some fun challenging their minds.

By the end of the day, we managed to collect an impressive amount of rupees 9630.

Shopping for commodities: Armed with the 9630 rupees we had raised, we accompanied our CCA coordinators, Mrs. Parinitha and Mrs. Swapna, to DMart to purchase the necessary commodities. The list included grocery items, stationery items, sanitary items, and toiletries.

We bought items like maggie, Bournvita, Rice, wheat flour, towels, sanitary pads, soap, oil, and moisturizing cream. Our carts were loaded as we bought items with the money. We headed out of the supermarket with our arms full.

Giving the commodities to the orphanage: The orphanage we were helping this time was Infant Jesus Orphanage. Children and women were taken under the wing of Sister Georgia, the head nun. The family of these unfortunate souls abandoned them on hearing they were diagnosed with HIV. A total of 110 people reside at this orphanage, including all the helpers. The children studied in nearby schools while the women did small jobs to keep themselves engaged. They were very kind and eager to help. It really overwhelmed us at how optimistic and cheerful they were. They helped us unload the items and put them away as we made small talk with the Sisters.

I really want to thank the Head of School, Mrs. Swati Soni for giving us this wonderful opportunity to extend a helping hand. I want to thank all the coordinators and teachers for helping us throughout this program. And last but not the least, I want to thank the students for putting so much of their time and efforts to help make this successful.

This entire experience taught me that a person’s most useful asset is not a brain full of knowledge. It is a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help.

Helping one person may not change the world. But, it may change the world for that one person.

So please spread the love and kindness. The world could do with just a bit more….





Grade 9-C

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