It was a spectacular morning!! Just the right one for a fancy hat. The much-awaited “Hatter’s Day” was celebrated at our Pre Primary block on 20th February 2020 where our little ones celebrated it as a part of their bag full of special days with a difference, today!

It was a day filled with lots of glee, pride and a competitive spirit as each of our students flaunted their handiwork and creativity. There were big hats, small hats and an amazing array of different kinds of hats decorated with or made from the bountiful gifts we have from nature like leaves, fruits, and flowers and much more. It was a great ambiance as we saw some of our future models posing and flaunting their hats. We had Pirates and Master Chefs, Fishermen hats, magicians, watermelon hats, hanging gardens, the Universe, a hat that nested an egg, a tree hat nesting an owl. We also had some thought-provoking hats based on the three R’s -reduction, recycling, and reuse. We had students come forward and share their amazing experiences of making their hats with the help of their parents. 

We should say the commitment of parents to do their best for their little ones was commendable. The satisfaction of the job done well was evident on the face of each proud student. 

Thank you, Parents, for all your creative and innovative ideas which your tiny tots showcased with a lot of pride and spoke about with élan and confidence! 

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