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About CMR NPS:

CMR National Public School started in the year 1990 with just a 3 room building and over the years has emerged as one of the best groups of institutions in providing world-class education. We aim at providing experiences for our students through our unique and immersive methods of pre-primary to senior-level education. Quality education for all is the motto of the school. We tend to achieve the same through our pre-primary, middle, and senior school program.

Pre-primary program and our education philosophy:

Pre-primary and primary program in CMR NPS, one of the best elementary schools in Bangalore, is provided as 

Montessori Program

Montessori is a method of education that involves a self-directed approach to learning through play methods and collaborative activities. Here at CMR NPS, we aim at creating independent thinkers. our classrooms consist of children from mixed age groups from 2.5-5.5 yrs. So the kids learn by interacting with the different age groups of kids. The school offers Uninterrupted blocks of work time, specialized educational materials, freedom of movement, and choice of activity within the environment are some of the key features.

The Early Years program, by CMR NPS, one of the top Montessori schools in Bangalore, helps develop social-emotional aspects in children as they learn how to acquire knowledge in areas like language, math, quest, arts, and physical education. Thus, every activity that the children are involved in emphasizes the virtue of collaboration with each other, working with interest and enthusiasm, raising queries, and creating a shot to unravel issues independently. Integration of activities like the show and tell within the program also is enhancing children’s life skills.

Kindergarten Program

We aim to cater our students with the chance to develop self-awareness, cooperation skills, and grow to be continuous learners and caring citizens. The preschool program CMR NPS, the best elementary Montessori school in Bangalore, focuses on numerous learning milestones that students ought to meet. It focuses on areas of development like Personal, Social, and Emotional Development; Communication, Language, and Literacy; Mathematical Development; Understanding and data of the world; Physical Development and artistic Development. Learning involves various methods through whole cluster instruction, little group learning, as well as freelance activities. The atmosphere at CMR NPS is joyful, purposeful, and fascinating to assist every kid to be a leader. Through these methods, students’ study being a vicinity of a category community, in addition to exploring their own individual learning vogue through a structured environment. We have a tendency to encourage and prepare youngsters forever by putting learning in a futuristic context.

Life at CMR NPS:

  • Quest

Students are taken through the journey of guided inquiry within the classrooms with themes that are chosen at the start of the term. Numerous subjects like science, social science, and also the arts are chosen for the inquiry cycle. Every unit of Quest is roofed for an amount of 5 weeks with activities, interactions, cooperative discussions, and individual portfolio assignments. We at CMR NPS, one of the best Montessori schools in Bangalore provide a unique experience for the kids through a lot of physical and intellectually challenging activities.

  • Visual arts

Visual art classes are filled with new experiences in handling various materials and art resources. Young children enjoy working with materials such as crayons, oil pastels, watercolors, and acrylic paints. They are encouraged to think for themselves and implement their ideas in group formats and independently on paper. The students are introduced to the elements of art and are given the opportunity to apply various artistic techniques in their work. Students try their hand at paint and crayons to create their own masterpieces that represent their individuality and creativity throughout the school year.

  • Performing arts

Performing arts is integrated into the syllabus at the pre-primary level to focus on multiple skills on the interpersonal and intrapersonal front of the students. By collaborating within the humanistic discipline classes, students begin to find out basic move movements and skills that harness multiple areas of learning like mathematical skills, sensory skills, visual skills, and better logical reasoning skills. They begin to understand themselves and learn to figure collaboratively with their peers for the activities that are designed. Students begin the year with basic movement classes, cooperative activities, skills that facilitate them to be communicative and inquisitive while learning to be independent thinkers and risk-takers. 

  • Reading program

 Our school’s culture understands how important it is to inculcate reading habits among the children, We start at a very young age and have libraries inside every classroom for the children to cultivate the habit of reading. Every classroom has a library with flexible seating arrangements for the children.

  • Sand play

Sand is an excellent tool for exposing children to a variety of sensory experiences. It’s a great sensory material for kids to use to explore their tactile senses, play, and discover the wonderful texture of sand. There are hours of fun and learning. explored with sand as it encourages and stimulates imaginative play. The sand enables and promotes the creation of an imaginary world and stories. It helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also encourages creativity and imagination through role-playing. and story development. Playing with sand is a social activity that requires speaking and listening, as well as developing language and vocabulary skills. 

  • Play area

Play is a necessary part of childhood. It permits the kid to explore and experiment with the globe around. Throughout the educational institution years, children begin to interact with each other. As they are doing this, they learn to negotiate, collaborate and share. Playspace at the CMR, one of the top Montessori schools in Bangalore, organizes numerous physical activities that facilitate the development of different skills: For example, skipping takes balance, raising monkey bars builds strength, and sports activities involve coordination and team play.

  • Gardening

At CMR NPS, one of the best Montessori schools in Bangalore, gardening is seen as a wonderful way for children to connect with nature and nurture living beings. Provides learning opportunities by studying parts of seeds, flowers, and plants. Children love to rummage in the dirt and move around. We are fortunate to have classroom gardens where our children can be part of the growing process. They own the gardens as well as the food and flowers produced in them, we had the lovely opportunity to plant seeds and watch them sprout if the weather permits it. We see them strengthen and grow. The kids in the classroom enjoy picking, cleaning, and eating. Our gardens are lovely additions to our classrooms and the kids. thrive on them.

Beyond Academics

Our CMRNPS is ranked the best Montessori school in Bangalore, because of the importance given to the holistic development of a kid. We encourage our kids to participate in various extra-curricular activities that help them grow. We offer

  1. basketball
  2. Drone making
  3. karate
  4. Bharatanatyam
  5. Taekwondo
  6. badminton
  7. robomation
  8. freestyle football

We build our students’ teamwork and competitive attitude through school houses and organizing various events and activities to promote healthy competition. we also have school clubs wherein we have different clubs to help the students explore topics/ subjects that give them a venue of alternate career options. The clubs include photography club, mad scientist club, art review club, sculpture club, design challenge, Envirothon club to name a few.


 CMR NPS has state-of-the-art well-maintained facilities. Spread over it has a big library with 21000 fiction and nonfiction books. The school also has a language laboratory, teachers resource center (to regularly update the teachers), Hitech computer lab, science lab, multipurpose room for dance and yoga purposes, audio-visual room, and an auditorium.


We have a safe transport service for the students to reach the school. The students are expected to be there at the stop before 5 minutes to avoid any delays. The school bus has one staff in charge to take care of the kids and our priority is the safety of our students.


Parent Speak


My daughter completed her schooling from CMR and she was blessed to be able to study in such a culturally rich and modern school. The best part of the school is how every teacher takes utmost care of the child and supports them throughout their ups and downs in terms of academics and extracurricular activities. The school respects parent’s opinions and listens to their queries

I cannot express how happy and grateful I am that my son is a part of the CMR family. After getting transferred to Bangalore, I was skeptical about choosing a good school for my son’s education. And choosing CMR was the best thing I did. From school campus to management, sports activities to teacher-student relationships, it is the best CBSE school in Bangalore. Thank you to the entire team of CMR for maintaining a warm and enriching learning environment.


Visiting hours: 

Monday and Tuesday: Grade I  to V | 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Thursday and Friday: Grade VI to IX | 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm

All Days: Monty & KG | 1.30 pm to 3:00 pm

All Days (Monday to Friday): Grades X to XII | 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm

On Saturdays Pre-Primary and Primary:

Pre-Primary | 8:30 am – 10:00 am

Primary | 10:00 am – 11:30 am



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