How Money Fits into our world?

Have you ever heard the saying ‘money can’t buy happiness’? Well, however, to a certain extent, Money can buy happiness. We gain satisfaction from spending time with our family, playing our favourite sport or giving something to the poor. However, to do some of these things, we will require Money. For example, if you love to play cricket, you would need to spend money on equipment, and you would need to do the same to donate to the poor. Therefore, in a way, Money indirectly buys happiness. 

While we all need some money to lead a stable life and pursue our passions, having too much Money could be a problem – Corruption. In modern times, Money can be translated into power, and people with loads of Money believe they possess a lot of energy. Too much Money poisons their mind and makes them hungry to gain even more Money. Such people put Money above all else. Studies show that a lot of Money makes people feel entitled to more respect and are in one of the higher places on the social hierarchy. Corruption is a very evident theme in politics. Almost every government and politician globally, in some way, is corrupt. Researchers have continuously explored the subconscious link between human behaviour and Money — behaviour ethicality — to discover how even morally conscious people can get corrupt. These studies show that when Money is involved, people tend to focus on a cost-benefit analysis as motivation to pursue their self-interest rather than thinking about others more broadly. Several other studies have shown that Money changes humans’ thinking and behavioural patterns. 

Money is a necessity that we all need to have a stable life and pursue our interests. Money seems like something with no disadvantages. However, it comes with plenty. I hope this post taught you that everything is better in moderation – not too much, not too little.

Siddharth V Vishnu
Grade 6 B

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