Moonlight Harbour

There is plenty of unalloyed chaos circulating about right now. As the world gets a little more complex every day, we sometimes get so immersed in our intricate lives that we forget to take a moment to observe the simple parts of life. A single minute’s reprieve from all the world’s pandemonium can inspire unparalleled relief to our mental and emotional states. Sometimes it is important to remember the simple feats of nature that stop us in our tracks and leave us hypnotized.

Tonight is perfect
Tonight the trees sway as if dancing to the moonlight sonata
Tonight the flowers celebrate their midsummer bloom
Their scent is sweeter than luxury perfume
Tonight the bells chime in time with the wind
Tonight they echo in perfect tune

Tonight is perfect
Tonight the leaves rustle in the summer breeze
They fall onto a crystal lake 
Tonight the water is a deep blue
It shines in the moonlight, an unsullied sapphire
Tonight the crickets chirp in unison
Ensconcing in the trees
Under the twinkling stars
Tonight the stars shine like scattered moon dust in the sky

Tonight the world comes to a standstill
To immerse itself in a hypnotic moment
Tonight the world forgets the sun
And all impending drudgeries of the day
For tonight is a perfect night

By, Navya Hedge, Grade 10B

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