Leigh Hunt once said ‘Colors are the smiles of nature.’ Our pre-primary students brought those smiles to the school when they came dressed in colours of nature like red, pink, green, yellow and orange. In our busy lives, we most often tend to ignore the beauty of nature. Every colour of nature gives us the message of hope, happiness, and wellbeing. Nature is our best friend which provides us with all the resources to live such as water to drink, pure air to breathe, food to eat, land to stay, animals, plants for our other uses. As nature takes care of us we should also care about nature by making it peaceful, clean and prevent it from the destruction.

   The students of K1 put up a class assembly based on the theme Nature’s Palette, they were filled with excitement as they also came dressed in various colours of nature. The week-long preparation for this day was seen with fun and eagerness on each child’s face. They had pictures of animals, birds, sun, moon, stars, fruits and also had water, flowers, plants as they were all set to present their programme in front of the other Pre-primary classes. They started the assembly with a speech on ‘What is nature and what it is made up of.’ Students spoke about the sun, stars, flowers, fruits, water, plants, emphasizing the importance of nature their speech.

As a class, they sang the song, “All things bright and beautiful”.The need to eat fruits and vegetables were emphasized by the K1 students by talking about how they benefit us and by singing the song “ Aam faloh ka raja hai! and a fun-filled song “aloo ka chaloo”

They were taken on a nature walk and of course, there was a photo session too. A day filled with fun and activities where the students used the things collected on their nature walks like twigs and leaves and made chains and bracelets and wore them happily on their way home.


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