CMRNPS celebrated nature in its myriad forms throughout this academic year. To educate our pre-primary students on the conservation of nature we recently celebrated Reuse, Recycle and Reduce – Conservation Day.

Our pre-primary students, teachers and even our Vice Principal came dressed in blue and green representing land with its greenery and water. The children of Kindergarten 2 put up a special class assembly on the conservation of nature and emphasized the fact that humans exploit nature.


Students performed a skit on how humans are encroaching the habitats of animals forcing them to walk into towns and cities in search of shelter and food and how we can conserve our wildlife. It was truly amazing to watch kids enact the real world scenarios with such maturity and seriousness.

students Sang ‘We must take care of the Earth, Land and Water.’   They enlightened us about the three R’s – REUSE, RECYCLE and REDUCE. They also shared their thoughts about ways of saving water, electricity, paper and much more. The importance of food was told to the students with illustrations on how farmers work hard to enable it which led to students promising that they will not waste food.

Students represented their take away from the assembly by either writing or drawing it in their journals, which was indeed a treat.

Let’s all promise to make our beautiful earth a greener place and conserve nature.


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