We are back to report another exciting expert talk which was truly one of a kind! 

Today we were joined by not one but three experts; 

Miss Manasi Prasad is anoted classical vocalist from Bangalore and the Museum Director of the Indian Music Experience Museum (IME).

Miss Sahana Mohan, who was an interface designer by profession working in the UK and India, switched her career to be associated with the Indian Music Experience Museum (IME) from the days of its inception. 

Krithika Sreenivasan, who is an esteemed classical vocalist from Bengaluru and Special Projects Executive at the Indian Music Experience (IME).

Our experts today are all part of a noble initiative to preserve India’s rich musical heritage. They are known for their immense contribution and involvement in the IME- the Indian Music Experience Museum which is India’s first interactive music museum. India has one of the most diverse music as well as musical instruments; IME brings together these instruments and musical talents, making for a truly unique experience right here, in our city of Bangalore. The IME has received recognition nationwide including a special mention by our prime minister and musical maestro A.R. Rahman.

Our experts introduced us to so many dimensions of the musical world that many of us did not know existed. Through a tastefully designed presentation, together we dug deep into numerous facets of the music world.

Ms. Manasi kicked off the session by explaining everything sound is made up of vibrations, notes, and intonations. She also made students and staff familiar with frequencies, timbre, and tones. 

We all enjoy music played by instruments and lose ourselves in the melodies. But not all of us know the history behind these instruments, and what evolutions they have gone through. Not only did we learn about so many astounding Indian instruments, but also heard what each of them sounds like. 

Students and staff also discovered famous historical personalities who were so intimately attached to music that it seemed like the art and artist merged into one. We all know of Ravi Shankar, one of the greatest musical legends of his time. Ms. Sahana took us through his life journey with the help of never before seen photos and video clips. It was truly inspiring to see the journey of this musical maestro, and how he came to be the legend that we remember today.

At the end of the session, students and staff made their own ‘popsicle harmonium’ and were amazed to see the otherwise lifeless wood fill up with musical life! This engrossing session came to a close with a fun quiz round, which our budding musicians participated in with all enthusiasm. This session made for an eye-opening experience and we eagerly look forward to having many more expert talk sessions.

By: Tarushi Thakur – Editorial Head 

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