“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late” by William Shakespeare is apt for a person who had been very punctual and disciplined in his lifetime and even after retirement he follows the same routine that he used to follow when he was young. I am talking about my FATHER who served in the Indian Air force for more than 40 years and feels proud to have got the opportunity to serve the Nation. He is the one who taught me the value of time. Born and brought up in a defence family, traits like discipline and punctuality were instilled in me from my childhood and that has helped me reach where I am today. I remember how my father used to be so particular about being punctual in reaching a place, attending any function, or completing any task. He is my mentor and my guru.

Being punctual refers to the habit of completing one’s task on time. I would say punctuality and discipline go hand in hand because when you are on time, you will maintain discipline and order in your life. It will, in turn, help you achieve your goals faster within a set time period. We must develop this trait in children from a very early age. When you are punctual in life, you get respect and admiration from everyone around you.

Punctuality is one of the key aspects to attain success in life. This is possible only when someone works on time and achieves their goals. Hence in addition to punctuality, hard work is also important because without hard work it is difficult to achieve success.

Punctuality plays an important role in students’ life. It is a stepping stone towards discipline and success. It helps them to cultivate the habit of completing the task in the due time. It makes them disciplined and responsible. You will not only be in the good books of your teachers but also become a source of inspiration for your peers. If you are punctual you will always be at the right time whether it be in school, in the class, in the examination hall, at the playground, and even at home. You will be highly appreciated by everyone.

Punctuality brings positivity to one’s life and this positivity paves way for happiness. Imagine if one night you sleep after finishing all your tasks how the next morning will be? You will wake up with a sense of satisfaction and happiness and feel energetic to do more tasks. You will be clear about your thoughts, plans, and activities which will help you move forward.

Someone has said, “Punctuality is an attitude which demands strong willpower and determination to complete a task on time. Be punctual: it shows your respect for other people”. 

By, Swapna Prajeeth, CCA Co-coordinator, CMRNPS

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