Mellow jazz music sounded in the background as the administrative team, teachers and students joined in on the zoom call. 

The audience was greeted merrily by Akkshith, following which Ratish and Achyuta presented the quote and news headlines for the day respectively. The quote enlightened us all on the prospect of helpfulness in our lives, while the news headlines filled us in on essential and current factual information.

The student’s talk for the day was presented by Ansh, who beautifully articulated the ways in which we could seamlessly help individuals around ourselves and the sense of contentment that follows. He urged every one of us to try and incorporate minute acts of helpfulness into our daily lives.
The teacher’s talk was then presented by Supritha ma’am, who not only highlighted the pride that comes with acquiring a medical degree and being a practicing doctor but also the hardships and tribulations that come with, in her elegant rendition. 

Following both these thought-provoking renditions, the skit, ‘Ameliorate’, put together by the students of XII D was presented. As the pre-credits rolled out, the audience settled in for the upcoming play. 

The skit began with a heart-wrenching conversation between a doctor mom and her daughter, who have been forced to live apart due to the viral outbreak.

The mild alienation of doctors by fellow members of the society was highlighted, following which the hardships of being a practicing doctor during the pandemic was portrayed.

The play then probed the flurry of emotion coursing through a doctor every single day, questioning what motivates them to wake themselves in the morning and proceed to be present for their respective shifts on time. 
Following this, the play posed a question for every one of us to consider, “Why is it that the sacrifices the doctors make seemingly lose their value when it comes to self-satisfaction?”

It urges us all to do our parts by following certain basic guidelines to keep both ourselves and other individuals safe. 

Beautifully elaborating on helpfulness, as not one quality trait, but as a broad spectrum of facets that are intrinsically engraved into every single person, it is suggested that it also happens to be synonymous with happiness.

The play concluded artfully, stating, ‘Be understanding, be empathetic, be kind, be compassionate, be gracious, be HELPFUL.’

The administrative team then provided the students with accurate feedback on the same.

The assembly concluded with the vote of thanks presented by Lakshita

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