“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother to teach them, instead give them the tool to use which will lead to new ways of thinking.”

Teaching in CMRNPS gives me a lot of challenges but they are the entertaining kind. Online teaching…, I never believed I would be able to do it, but today I can say with pride that I’ve had to revolutionize the way I teach, which was demanding to begin with, but right now I am adoring it and I am discovering new methods and activities. I feel I am a better teacher currently. 

Online teaching is more rewarding in some ways than regular classroom teaching. I can deal with interruptions quickly. I understood that teaching online has all the traditional features like a regular class i.e., whiteboards, videos, tasks, and activities. Resources are easy to upload and display. It’s easier for me to deliver my lessons verbally and generally with the help of PowerPoint presentations. The thing I like the best about online teaching is that I have the remote control in my hand. I have a choice to mute all participants whenever needed. I also have the option to enter the meeting room first and facilitate the waiting room for students to join in. During the session, it is easier for me to keep track of students and see what they are doing.

I am super excited because today’s generation of children is well advanced and has no problems in using technology accessible to them. Our children are passionate and are enjoying this. Although they may be in different places, they are still able to work collaboratively. With online teaching, many children can present their queries and answer questions simultaneously in the chatbox. I’m enjoying myself seeing my pupils grow in confidence and capability.

This online platform has helped me carry on doing the job I love, without having to stop working and face the COVID challenges, that prevented me from going to school. With the support of the management team and the swift and friendly training provided by them, I feel very confident now. I am grateful to be able to work for CMRNPS, a place that fits my needs. I am so happy to work with the most awesome Vice Principal of School my school, Ms. Swathi Soni, who provides me with plenty of support. I also feel braced and trusted to manage students learning in this new platform.

Mrs. Lorraine Fernandez

History/Civics teacher and MUN Director


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