Technology is something that is constantly changing, so is education dynamically evolving. Every now and then we encounter new apps or skills that as an educator we need to master, believe me sometimes it is overwhelming. But somehow, I feel even if I master these skills or apps, I connect better with my students only with a positive mindset and open attitude.

Tech-savvy educators are learners for a lifetime. We learn something new every day from our surroundings, our colleagues, our mentors, and even our students. Yes! I do acknowledge to my students also – “What a great piece of code you have written! I have learned something new today from you! ”, and I love the smile and satisfaction that reflects on the faces of students at that very moment. This is the moment I feel I am connected to my students. Is this because I am a tech-savvy teacher – ‘No, I don’t think so!’

I think a good connector is one educator who understands the current need of the student and is patient enough to provide it. Let’s now question our self- ’ How willing am I to adapt to different classroom situations. Variety of students in one classroom – attention seekers, attentive, trouble-makers, and some of them are just quiet listeners. How to connect to them all? Many strategies are there but the core in every strategy is patients. I listen patiently when they speak, increase wait time after posing a question to a distracted child, prompt them to reach the correct answer, and become a part of the class.  

 Can tech-savvy teachers connect better with the students?

No ….. Nothing to do with technology. It’s only about a positive mindset, an open and accepting attitude.


Ms.Anuja Ghosh, CMRNPS Teacher

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