The Pre-primary section of CMRNPS had a very flavourful day, this week, celebrating natural flavours. Flavour is an important characteristic of the food we eat every day. It’s difficult to imagine eating a diet made up of bland flavourless food!

With so much of our food containing artificial flavouring these days, we wanted to bring the importance of natural flavours to our students and the health benefits of it. Natural flavours come from spices, fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat and dairy products and are a combination of the taste, aroma and feel of food.

The day was planned such that the senses of our students were stimulated through different activities. Our students came dressed in vibrant coloured clothes depicting their favourite fruit or vegetable. Each class was involved in an activity with the students using food with natural ingredients only. They enjoyed making fruits, vegetables and sprouts into delicious salads and relished their dishes till the very end. The students had an exciting time gardening and planted coriander and methi seeds. They also did a show and tell activity on their favourite fruit or vegetable. After an action-packed day, our students went home with a new appreciation for natural food.

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