Prof. Muralidhar K, B-Arch., M-Des (IITB), was present at CMR National Public School on 25th October 25, 2018, to deliver an expert talk to the students of Grades IX and X. He is an architect who is specialized in furniture designing. He studied in IIT, Bombay and has a Masters in Design. He is an avid traveller with 20 years of experience in architecture. He has attended many workshops around the globe. He is the Founder and Director at the CMR University School of Architecture and the brain behind the Makery at our school. He believes in learning from old traditions, technology and interactive sessions.

The objective of Prof. Muralidhar’s expert talk is to create awareness among children about career opportunities in Design. He stressed the difference between a job and a career, a job being short-term and mundane unlike the career, that is something we are passionate about. He further elaborated it by speaking about the various ways one goes about choosing a career- ability, aptitude, liking, family, trade etc. When he spoke on Design as a profession, in particular, he discussed the qualities needed for it. He said about the possible career paths in Designing like Architectural Design, Industrial design and Service design.

The session was overall very interactive and informative that gave our kids an insight into various career paths in Design.

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