We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment

~ Margaret Mead

It was a bright and sunny day on the 22nd of September when our senior school students assembled in Frazer town with the good intentions of cleaning up that area and spreading awareness. CMR National Public School has collaborated with BBMP to make Bangalore clean and green again and accomplish the mission of restoring it to it’s former glory of ‘Garden city’. Student volunteers and BBMP helpers cleaned and sorted through the waste dumped, at a few selected spots and restored it to a better condition. A few student groups traveled around the locality informing the residents about the importance of waste management and segregation.

The BBMP corporator, Mr. Zakir, coordinated with the students and the staff and had extended his generous help and gracious support. Local residents showed their enthusiasm with kind words and applauded the volunteers for their efforts. One of the residents expressed his concern for the locality and promised to gather resident volunteers to aid more future projects with the aim to greenify Frazer town.

As citizens, it is our responsibility and duty to care for the environment and nurture it in every way possible so that we as a society can survive. Implementing plans and programmes to curb the deteriorating condition of our environment is significant for the sustenance of future generations. Simple things like waste segregation; abiding by the guiding principles of reuse, reduce, recycle; rainwater harvesting, etc., can have a considerable impact on the environment and help us preserve all that we hold dear. CMR National Public School has more such missions and projects planned out and will look forward to executing them in the future.


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