This week, we mark a new name in the list of mentors who have enlightened our students with their valuable knowledge and experience. Today’s expert talk was delivered by Mr. Aakash Anuj, who is a computer science graduate from IIT Kharagpur. He currently stays in London, and works at Facebook. During his interaction with high school and senior students today, he guided us through his life journey and shared with us the milestones he has accomplished thus far. 

As a student, Mr. Aakash took active interest in computers and in building new things. Like many students with scientific inclinations, he became an IIT aspirant. He joined FIITJEE classes after six months into his eleventh grade. This point forth, his journey of relentless hard work and unending passion began. He studied hard for his upcoming JEE exam which he wrote after his 12th grade. Unfortunately, due to a silly mistake while attempting the exam, he lost a lot of marks and his rank dropped to 5555. This was quite disheartening and difficult to come to terms with. But our expert was and still is a firm believer in the famous saying- ‘Focus on things you can control, and don’t worry about the things you can’t’.

He studied Applied Geology at IIT KGP for a year. He scored a CGP of 9.37, after which he began to pursue computer science. After a rigorous academic journey in IIT, he came to the conclusion that IIT’s are merely an opportunity, not an achievement. Ultimately, success is determined by own’s one will and work, not by a college degree. After successfully completing the computer science course, he went on to intern with Facebook in California. He worked as their intern for 6 months, and when he was ready to apply for a job in the same company, he was recruited in the London office. He has spent 4 years living in London, working with the social media giant. 

Whenever he takes a break from his successful career, he loves to travel the world and explore new places. He has been to a record breaking 34 countries in 4 years. The audience was mesmerised hearing his tales of the Norwegian hilltops and the snow laden forests of Finland. 

All in all, it was a highly engaging and interesting session where Mr. Aakash not only addressed IIT aspirants, but also inspired each one of us to live our life to the greatest potential.

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