Diwali or Festival of Lights is one of the biggest festivals in India. It is a festival that celebrates the return of victorious Lord Ram to his capital city, Ayodhya after he defeated the demon king Ravan. People celebrate Diwali by lighting their houses with decorative lights, inviting friends and family for a festive meal, exchanging sweets, and above all, bursting fire-crackers.   We at CMRNPS Pre-primary block celebrated Diwali on 25 October 2019 with great enthusiasm and fervour. Students in their festive spirit entered school clad in colourful and ethnic clothes and a bright smile. The pre-primary block was lit up with lamps, lanterns and colourful rangoli. Students painted and decorated their diyas as a takeaway for their loved ones.

We gathered at the Montessori block to understand why Diwali is celebrated. Students indulged in answering and every child had a thoughtful answer to the question, some of them said ‘We celebrate Diwali because we kill Ravan’, while some said because ‘Hanuman saved Sri lanka’. Students enjoyed the celebration and also sang few rhymes which included “Diwali aayi Diwali aayi”.

Apart from understanding the significance of Diwali, students were also made aware of their safety while bursting crackers. They were also explained to make a conscious effort to be wise and have an eco-friendly Diwali. The celebration ended with a happy note as students took their decorated lamps home to spread the message of harmony and peace. All of us here at CMRNPS Pre Primary wish you a very happy and safe Diwali!

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