Mr. Vishanth George, a professional photographer with an experience of around 15 years in photography visited our school for an expert talk. We presented the work that we have done in our previous club classes and showed him the pictures we took with a DSLR. He gave us his inputs on our work and highlighted our mistakes.

The session started with a question from him, “What is photography?” Most of us replied with answers such as; “It is the art of taking photos” or “To capture the beauty of an object”. He then explained, “Photography is made of two words, Photo, and Graphy. Photo means light and Graphy means To Capture or To Paint”. He then proceeded to tell us the type of photography he specializes in and showed us a few of his works of art while explaining what type of photography it was. He also told us how important it is to use only complimentary colors. He explained that more diagonal they are to each other, the more they complement each other on the color wheel.

Then we had a small break where he responded to our quires while the rest of us took down some notes. Next, we learned about Shadows, Midtones and Highlights and the type of lenses that are there and what we use them for. He explained that if a lens is less than 50mm then it is a Wide-Angle lens and if the lens is more than 50mm then the lens is said to be a Teli-Angle lens. We then had a Question-Answer Session. We learned a lot from this expert talk and it helped us become better photographers.

Deeksha Harish

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