To instill the feeling of patriotism and help our little citizens understand the importance of this special day, Republic Day was celebrated at CMRNPS Pre-primary with great enthusiasm and fervor in the Virtual assembly hosted and conducted by the little ones.

The spirit of patriotism was filled in the air on the 25th of January 2021, as our students dressed in tri-colors. Our tiny tots showcased their national spirit by saying the quote ‘Be the change you want to see in the world. By Mahatma Gandhiji’ and sung patriotic songs, spoke about the Preamble of the constitution and How the Republic day is celebrated in New Delhi, National Symbols.

Children also danced for the song ‘I’m Just like you’ They were dressed depicting different places in India and showed ‘Unity in Diversity’. Mother India was praised with the dance for Vande Mataram. The celebrations ended with an air of pride and love for our country, as we all sang the National Anthem and said, Jai Hind.

By, Ms. Monisha, PPM Teacher

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