Work Exposure Programme is our summer internship initiative at CMR National Public School, CMR National PU College and sister institution  Ekya Schools, aimed to curate opportunities for our senior students to be mentored by industry experts and be part of dynamic, innovative workspaces.

We speak to Dharun Sankar from Grade 10 who interned with PhotoMojo, a photo and videography production house in the city. Here is his experience with the Work Exposure Programme:

How did you find the application process at the start? Why did you pick PhotoMojo?

It went smooth. Drafting my resume was a new experience, and I learned how to create the perfect resume through the process of applying.

We had a number of choices to select from. I applied to a couple of companies but PhotoMojo drew most of my attention since it was in the field of photography, an area of my interest. I was seeking learning opportunities in photography and this was my chance.

Give us a brief of your time at PhotoMojo? How did your internship programme unfold across the month?

In the first week, we worked on my basics in Photography. Mr. Mayur, the Chief Storyteller at PhotoMojo, introduced to me to Lightroom, an advanced editing software. After my introductory course on the essentials, it was time for me to get hands-on with my learning. In my second and third week, I was tasked to click portraits and candid shots of strangers on the street, an assignment I thoroughly enjoyed.

During this time, I also got to attend a Profoto Flash Exhibition with the team, also accompanying them to a talk at BMSCE that hosted 5 eminent photographers of the country.

In my last week at PhotoMojo, I assisted Mr. Mayur in his shoots, covering a photo-shoot of a model and a birthday celebration. I got to edit images from these shoots. Mr. Mayur introduced me to video-editing and taught me the basics of shooting videos with a phone.

What did you learn from your internship experience? Tell us what was your key learning?

I learnt to perfect my basics in photography and got introduced to editing software like Lightroom. I got to understand the technical side of photography and had the chance to work with lighting and a studio setup for the model photo-shoot.

I am glad that I got to shoot more than just assist the team at PhotoMojo, with their work, which is usually the opposite at other photography internship programmes. Mr. Mayur was very encouraging and supportive, giving me the full freedom to express what I wanted to learn from them. Thanks to them, I am aware of how I can pursue photography as a profession and can now put my efforts towards it, in a directive manner.

Here is some of Dharun’s work from his internship,




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