On the 22nd of December was the beginning of the adventure expedition to PENCH NATIONAL PARK in Nagpur at the resort Mahua Vann. This expedition was initiated by the IWV (Indian wild ventures) which was done every year at least once. Mr. Vaibhav Jugade and his professional expert Mr. Sarang Nithin did a very well job and used their skills to all their expertise that made this trip a very memorable one.

The first day began with most people waking up at almost 2am in the morning to reach the airport at 4 am which was the most considerable time to start the journey. The departure time for our flight to Nagpur airport and arrived at 8 am in the morning after that was the bus ride for approximately 2 hours  to reach the resort called MAHUA VANN, nothing much was done on the first day so that enough time was give for the students and the staff to settle in with the resort and its people, an introductory session had taken place to all the staff members of the resort so that if there were any problems we could ask them. In the afternoon we had a session on the birds and the mammals found in Pench national park, we then had our dinner and then went to sleep. 

On the second day, there was a forest expedition to the Pench national park through Turia gate and Khursapar gate and we were divided into six groups and three were going through each gate. We observed many birds and mammals that we had learnt about in the birds and mammal’s session on the first day, it was very rare to spot a tiger and many people didn’t spot any on their first ones but they did not leave disappointed. Everybody returned at about 11 am in the morning and had lunch at 12:30 am. Then later in the evening we had another session on the insects and reptiles found in Pench national park, then we had dinner and then went to sleep.

On the third day, only the people who went through Turia gate had to wake up and leave for the expedition in the morning at 5 am in the morning and people were very lucky and spotted tigers and many other animals and this made up for the people who didn’t spot any tigers on the second day. We again returned back at the resort at 11 am and then had lunch. We had a tribal dance in the evening so we had dinner early, the dance was very fun and every one participated and enjoyed it. After that the usual routine was taken and everybody went to sleep.

On the fourth and final day, the final groups went for expeditions and the groups who didn’t go went for a nature walk to observe all the insect life and other species present in the surrounding areas. The we returned and had lunch and then had a quiz on the experiences of our entire journey through these four days and the winners were the ROLLERS group. In the end we left in the bus at 3 am but before that we thanked everyone including the staff of the resort and its owner for the amazing food and their hospitality. We reached the airport at 5 pm and the departure time was at 8 pm and we reached at 11 pm

Overall the total trip made difference on the mindset of people as we didn’t stick to technology much and was totally immersed int the natural beauty of Pench national park.

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