The integration of technology in the field of education has proved to be immensely advantageous for young learners. 

Progressive schools have now realised that by incorporating digital tools, online resources, and audio-visual learning aids, they can significantly enhance their students’ intellectual and cognitive abilities. Several best CBSE schools in Bangalore have already embraced these innovative teaching methods, seamlessly blending them into their curriculum and educational practices. By doing so, they have achieved an accelerated learning pace and remarkably improved student-classroom engagement.

In this context, let’s take a closer look at some of the key benefits of using technology in the classroom.

What is Educational Technology?

Educational Technology, commonly known as EdTech, enhances and supports teaching and learning while making educational management simple and efficient for students and educators. 

At CMR National Public School, we leverage Educational Technology, and one of the tools we use is Schoology, a simple educational management platform that has simplified teacher-parent and teacher-student communication, collaboration and assessment. With Schoology, educators efficiently organise course content, share resources, post assignments and conduct discussions. In addition, essential school announcements are made through this platform, ensuring no miscommunication.

Benefits of Technology in Education

  1. Immersive Learning

Deep into the learning game with cool tech!

Interactive learning tools such as visuals, sounds, games and apps can create immersive environments that engage young learners. Even trickier topics like World Wars, Indian Constitution, Thermodynamics or Calculus can become easier to understand when presented in these engaging formats. With these tools, learning can feel like an exciting process!

 At CMRNPS, we have created an educational environment that resonates with each student’s unique way of understanding and retaining information. 

“Technology can become the “wings” that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before – if we allow it.” 

– Jenny Arledge

  1. Inclusive Learning; Lesser Drop Outs

Making the learning scene way more interesting and fun!

Incorporating technology has made the classroom a place of interaction and inclusive education, leading to fewer dropouts across India. Since lessons are now more exciting and simple to comprehend, students are taking things one step ahead by upskilling digitally and exploring subjects through virtual simulations, collaborations and connecting through online tools for diverse learning needs. 

Educational tools have captivated young minds and catered to their varied learning styles, enabling a more inclusive and personalised learning experience.

“As technology changes the way we communicate, connect, create, consume and innovate, it is democratising access to opportunity. Education is no exception.” 

– Laura Andreessen

  1. Simplifying Complex Subjects

Turning tricky topics simple and easy!

Traditional teaching of complex topics involved teachers relying on textbooks that never let students fully understand them. But with technology integration, educational tools and platforms provide dynamic, interactive and personalised learning experiences. Interactive multimedia content such as educational apps, online media, and virtual simulations has brought abstract concepts to life, offering a visual and interactive dimension to learning. 

Children grasp intricate ideas more effectively, as they can see, manipulate and interact with the subject matter in ways that static textbook materials cannot offer.  

“EdTech paired with knowledge is when it is most powerful.” 

– Neil Jarrett

  1. A Worldwide View with EdTech

Conforming is so last season!

Good schools in Bangalore today are increasingly adopting online learning options, which are breaking down traditional boundaries. At CMR National Public School, the Deep Dive program has emerged as a beacon of innovation, providing students opportunities to explore new skills every summer. These short yet interactive online programs challenge the notion that learning must be confined to the four walls of the classroom. 

Through EdTech, students can gain a global perspective and hands-on experience in various subjects. The education paradigm is shifting, and conforming to old norms is becoming outdated. 

“EdTech is not about doing things better. It’s about doing BETTER THINGS.”

 – Unknown


Integrating technology in education comes with a range of benefits, yet steering the complexities of its implementation requires strategic planning and thoughtful consideration. But at CMR National Public School(CMRNPS), we recognise the benefits of technology in education and how it can impact today’s children to become self-reliant and face the technologically advanced world. 

Therefore, we have a team of outstanding instructional designers who tend to the complexities of implementing technology in education by creating an exclusive and strategic environment where students thrive. From online learning options to innovative programs, CMRNPS ensures that integrating technology is not just a trend but a transformative journey. After all, in education, conforming to outdated norms is so last season! 

Join us at CMRNPS, where the future of learning is as exciting and vibrant as our students.

“The technology itself is not transformative. It’s the school, the pedagogy, that is transformative.” – Tanya Byron

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