Summer vacations are the happiest time for a student. Four to six weeks of holidays from school after a busy academic year is no doubt the best time to unwind. There are whole of things for a student to catch up in the summer break; movies in the watch list, the social media updates that were missed during exams, a new cafe that opened recently, chatting with friends, a long pending trip, a video game, and the list goes on. In the midst of all, there is boredom that is bound to happen after a couple of weeks of relaxation.

Here are a few productive things that can make your summer break rewarding and memorable;

1. Read a book:

If you are looking for entertainment and information at the same time, books are the best. There are numerous benefits of reading, and it’s the best way to spend some meaningful time during the summer holidays. There is a book for everyone, whatever your interest may be. Pick one of your choices and see how it stimulates your mind, improves your concentration and memory, and offer free entertainment.

2. Involve in social service;

Summer holidays are the best time to learn a few lessons that require your involvement to influence the lives of the needy. Spending a day in an orphanage, old age home, pet shelters, etc will not only make its inhabitants happy but also help to develop empathy towards others and their problems. An important life lesson that can go a long way in making you a good human being.

3. Indulge in a hobby.

There can’t be a better way to unwind than being involved in a hobby, the creative stress busters. Learn to play a new musical instrument, paint as much you like, learn to sing, learn to cook or bake, and enjoy gaining perfection in a hobby of your choice.

4. Learn a new language;

With the world shrinking to a global village, it is always better to learn a new language which is actually a new medium of acquiring knowledge. It broadens our perspectives and helps us understand different cultures better.

5. Learn a sport;

Physical activities are good for the mind and body. With so much time in hand and it would be a nice idea to learn a sport that you are fond of. Swimming, tennis, basketball, football, cricket, etc are sports activities that are offered in most summer camps and one must use the opportunity to learn a new sport.

6. Connect with nature;

Take a walk or go play in the nearby park. Breathe in some fresh air and give yourself the most required energy boost. Do yoga and meditation for a peaceful and happy vacation.

7. Participate in household chores & Spent more time with your family members.

If you have neglected home all through the year, well this is the time to make up for it. Help our parents in their chores. Have some sibling time, Spend time with your grandparents and play with your pet. These activities will never get you bored.

8. Sleep well and eat right;

Relaxation is the agenda for the summer holidays so catch up with all the sleep that you missed during your exams. Avoid junk and learn to relish some healthy food this summer break.

9. Don’t forget school assignments;

In all the fun don’t completely ignore your school assignments. Spend some time understanding the gaps in the previous year and learning briefly about the subjects in the next academic year. It is better to start the year with some insights into all subject and be prepared for the challenges.

Now that you know what to do, create your list of activities for this summer vacation.

We wish you all a very happy and productive vacation!

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