Here is a round-up of a week’s activities at CMR National Public School, as we head to the end of November

Science Quiz

A quiz is a form of game or mind sport in which the team members attempt to answer questions correctly. It is a brief assessment held to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, and skills. 20th November 2018, heralded the inter-house Science quiz at CMR National Public School for students of Grades VI to VIII. The event witnessed enthusiastic preparation and participation, which encouraged the children to be at their best. The format of the quiz entailed four rounds wherein the final round was the visual round, which the students enjoyed the most. The quiz competition motivated students to improve their knowledge of Science.

Blog Writing

“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe”. Keeping this in mind, the school gave an opportunity to our young writers of Grade IX and Grade X to express honestly and openly about the ideas they were passionate about. Students were given three topics to choose from for the blog writing competition:

  • Self Defence
  • Shopping for organic products on a budget
  • You need not own a pet to be an animal lover


The participants were excited to present their views that gave them a chance to present their opinions. Most of the blogs were dynamic, interesting and enjoyable. The importance of writing was emphasized through the competition.

Folk Dance

The folk dance competition was organised at our school this week; the school hall came alive as our students staged spectacular dances at the competition. Children mesmerised everyone with their performance based on the theme ‘ Folk dances of India’. Students saw dance as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep for words.

Mad Ads

CMRNPS conducted MAD-ADS competition for students of Grades IX and X. The idea behind conducting this competition is to provide a platform for participants to explore their creativity and stage presence skills. It is expected from students that they should get equipped with the knowledge of Ad-making and execution of it live.

Understanding this, the children brought out the creativity inside them and made outstanding advertisements of their own. They hilariously added sense to their ads. It gave them a different experience and they enjoyed it thoroughly.

Prize Day

A prize distribution ceremony was held to felicitate the Students of Grades IX to XII who followed the School’s epigram ‘In Pursuit of Excellence “.The school honoured all its achievers for having attained a sterling record in the co-scholastic domain. It was a proud moment for the prize winners as they were the source of motivation for other children.

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