School assembly clarifies school activities and programs and focuses on co-curricular life. It strengthens the work of the school. School assembly should be conducted with the complete and active participation of students. 

The students of Grade 3 B presented their class assembly offline for the first time. 

The theme for this assembly was National Integration – The bond of togetherness. 

The assembly started with an opening prayer led by the students, followed by sharing the news and thoughts for the day. Then the group of students performed a small skit and dance. The performance of students focused on the following points.

  • National integration is the awareness of a common identity among the citizens of a country, this means that although we belong to different castes, and religions & speak different languages, we recognize the fact that we are all one.
  • It is not just a national feeling, but the spirit which brings people of all dialects and beliefs together in a similar endeavor.
  • It is the duty of every person as a citizen to oppose the forces and ideas that weaken national unity and integrity.

Next, the class teacher of Grade 3B narrated the story of the skit and boosted their patriotism by asking them to sing a patriotic song  “Bharat humko Jaan Se pyara hai “ along with her.

The entire student body of Grade 1 – 4 was encouraged to sing a song with the teacher with hand/body movements. 

Last but not least, the  Class assembly was concluded by a student talk followed by a vote of thanks.


Name – Chaya Naik  
Primary teacher

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