Stories that linger in our minds and bring a smile to our face, the heartwarming hugs and advice that pour in day after day, that satisfying flavorful food that awakens one’s taste buds, the unconditional love, and care that no one can match up to. Yes, all this sums up to our grandparents, the backbone to our loving families. 

Grandparents are unarguably the wisest people on the planet, wouldn’t you agree? They always seem to know just what to say to make us feel better and think smarter. Grandparents are a family’s greatest treasure, the source of beautiful heritage, and the keepers of traditions that stay on in cherished memory.  They are the family’s building blocks that set the foundation and cement each member together with undying love and care. 

Every generation wants the one that comes after them to do better. The only way that’s possible is by learning from the generation that came before- our grandparents. Our grandparents surely did not have an easy life, they went through a lot and ensured they gave the best to our parents. Our parents are successful because of our grandparents who molded them into substantially loving beings. Their upbringing has led to our parents loving us immensely and wholeheartedly. 

There is something special about the bond between grandparents and grandchildren, and it’s so much deeper than the depths of their hearts. One can never forget the time that our grandparents ran after us just to ensure we had our food. Prayers and blessings following us everywhere we went even without asking for it. Times they stayed up all night to ensure we were safe and sound. Listening to our relentless stories without judgment but rather offering us the best advice. Indeed, a true blessing of God! Maybe it’s all those years of wisdom. Perhaps it’s because they mastered the art of parenting when we were little. Grandparents know exactly what to say to make grandchildren feel better about themselves and how to say it so that they believe it.

No matter how old they get, with fragile bones, knee pain, and aching backs, they make sure they run after our needs and provide us with the best.  They are our guardian angels who know what is right and wrong in our lives, constantly watching over us, assuring that one is sheltered.  There might be a generation gap between us and our grandparents, but all that matters is the undying love, their unwavering spirit, the respect, and values they enforce on us and that tender care their shower on us, is a blessing on blessing. Our grandparents are the smiles to our souls, and it’s our duty to love, respect, and take care of them until they are with us. 


Senorita Fernandez,

CMRNPS Teacher

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