What is your most memorable moment during your school days? I say, lunch breaks. This was my answer during my school days as a student and now being a teacher. I find no change in sharing lunch with friends then, and now with my colleagues.

This pandemic took away many such moments from all of us and has created many.

Class 5D and I are no different in this. We love chit-chatting with friends, sharing food, and pulling pranks on each other.

We always look forward to Saturdays of the month to virtually create the lost moments from our school life with our favourite Breakfast club!

We in CMRNPS had a variety of themes across the grade levels in each breakfast club. Whether it’s a Truth or Dare game or sharing moments from our favourite trip, we loved to participate in each of the activities.

Our Breakfast club kickstarted with “Two facts and a Lie” on June 5th, 2021 and after 16 weeks of awesome journey creating plenty of memories we finally wrapped up on 5th February 2022 with “What’s your fav year?”

Throughout the week, both my class and I were loaded with new learnings, completion of assigned tasks, and preparation for exams, but Saturdays were quite special. 

From 9:30 to 10:00 am, we used to forget everything and enjoy having breakfast with a theme for the week.

I felt like having a good food time with the people whom I adore the most. For two long years staying away from family and friends and working on all cylinders was never easy for me. But, I used to forget all this stress and relax with kids by being one among them for that 30 mins.

When my colleagues said that my class and I have almost the same tastes then, I have realised that I have successfully created a strong bond with my class during breakfast club which I couldn’t do in my regular class of 60 mins. Sometimes, we used to have a theme for breakfast too!

We used to decide on what breakfast can we have for the next breakfast club. And we used to have that silly smile for sharing the same dosa or chapathis in all our households. 

Now, when we meet at school for offline class once a week, we have lunch together in the classroom remembering our hero-Breakfast club! Yes, the Breakfast club brought all of us together with a strong bond.

Throughout the week we used to blame the pandemic for driving us apart and making teaching-learning and socialising difficult. But, during breakfast club, we often used to realise that there is a small ray of hope amidst the great difficulties. 

We wish to have our hero back for the next academic year, whether it’s online or offline.

I am pretty much sure many will hail Breakfast club as a hero!

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