Homework is a way for a student or even an adult to have a quick recap of the day’s work and make it easier to remember the topics they have studied at school or the presentations at their workplace. However, homework, the very thought of homework, is not favoured by many, especially school and college going students.

Like mentioned above, homework is essential work as it helps and aids one in their process of learning. It speeds up the learning process and is also said to enhance the problem solving and thinking skills of the all, which is very important for them and the future when an issue arises.

Homework should not be too much of a burden and should be given in adequate amounts with a respectable timeline. Too much of something isn’t good for anyone. When students are given too much homework it leads to unwanted stress and frustration among the students. 

When assigning a student with homework, one should remember to keep the homework short and simple, yet effective. When the work given to students to complete is too lengthy, it lessens the interest they have and need to do the work, which in turn leads to inefficient results. It also deprives one of their free time or fun time, social interaction with others and physical development.

How do we feel about homework during a worldwide pandemic? Students now attend their classes online and do all the work they once would have been doing in the four walls of their classrooms, in their homes. The switch from offline to online classes has had various reactions from students. Some like the idea of online classes, while some don’t. The students already have to do all of their learning in their homes most of the day and to attend their classes, they need to be exposed to the digital screens in front of them for hours. Homework doesn’t make things any easier on the students. It becomes very dull and boring for them to sit and finish homework after their classes. Hence, homework should be reduced as much as possible but not completely avoided as teachers and mentors would not be able to understand how a student stands in terms of understanding the concepts being taught to them during the classes.

On the whole, homework is a necessity because it gives students more time for practice and learning, which betters their performances. It teaches us to manage our time better. It is also a way of being independent and doing our own research to be prepared for the next class. With the introduction and help of technology, which has taken over almost all aspects of our lives, it has made homework more creative, more easy, as well as interesting for the students. 

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