” Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit……”

The concept of fitness is not new to us and has various meanings. We constantly hear words such as ‘fitness, wellbeing, health’ etc. We use these words and phrases in our day-to-day life without fully understanding the various dimensions and forms it could take. The term fitness has a meaning ranging from physical health as well as mental health. It infers ‘being great’.
An individual is said to be solid and fit when he/she can work well physically as well as intellectually. Great wellbeing and good health isn’t something that can be achieved by one sole factor. It is an amalgamation/combination of various factors. It depends upon the actual climate and nature of food consumption. The nature of food and the environment is the key player of our well-being. A balanced diet is an essence and a key player with an adequate amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to perform the various tasks in our body. Good food nevertheless helps in good sleep, proper functioning of the brain, and maintains ideal body weight.

 We live in cities, towns, and villages, In such places, even our physical environment affects our health. Therefore, our social responsibility for a pollution-free environment directly affects our health. Our day-to-day habits also determine our fitness level. The quality of food, air, water all helps in building our fitness level. Routine exercise helps improve our muscle power. Exercise helps in good oxygen supply and blood flow throughout the body. The functioning of the heart and lungs work efficiently with regular exercise and to be precise healthy environment and good eating habits. We should daily spend at least twenty minutes in our exercise. Daily morning walk improves our fitness level. An individual is termed fit both physically and mentally just as intellectually. Exercise burns our fat and helps in controlling cholesterol levels in the body and keeps you active. There are various outdoor games like cricket, football, volleyball, etc keep our body fit as well. Games enhance the social skills of an individual to be a team player. It helps in the overall development of an individual’s social, emotional, and physical well-being. The rural areas of our country practice martial art which is another form of keeping oneself fit and safe.

A healthy mind is key for a healthy body. Yoga makes us stress-free and improves the endurance power of the mind. Yoga controls our blood pressure. With yoga, a strong bond with nature is established. Meditation is considered the best way to fight depression. Meditation and yoga are part of our life since ancient times. They not only make us physically fit but mentally strong as well. Meditation improves our concentration level. Our mind gets relaxed and thinking becomes positive. This could be inculcated as a part of our routine. We must encourage and promote people around us irrespective of age to do some form of exercise or yoga for a harmonious lifestyle.

A person stays happy when he is physically and mentally fit and this boosts his self-confidence.
“The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your system” Robert C Peale

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