What an Exploration Day it was @CMRNPS.

Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives.”

Thomas Berry

Every student needs to experience the world beyond their classroom learning. It helps them grow and understand and share much more than what they are learning from a different perspective. This also slowly prepares students to know what they can expect when they come out into the real world. We at CMR NPS had a day organized to meet this need.

Exploration Day  2023! Students were puzzled when it was informed that they did not need to carry their notebooks/and that they would not have regular classes on this day. The excitement started building on precisely what this Exploration Day was about. 

The day was packed with multiple activities happening across grades throughout the school. The atmosphere was lively; students were enthusiastic and positive energy spread. It was a sight to behold. This day would only have been a success with the help and support of our dear parents, who volunteered their time to share their knowledge with the students.

We had Mr Vinay Neergund, who spoke on the theme – Of essential Communication with a cell phone. This session enlightened the students on what goes behind our daily use of phones. The information processing the data in milliseconds, intelligent trash cans, etc., created a spark in our young minds that led to a reasonable time of Q&A with Mr Vinay. Mrs Smita, who works with Intel, spoke about Semiconductors and Chips. Students were introduced to where they find chips and how they carry information and data. Every technical item you use – TV, aeroplane, hospital machines, etc.- has embedded chips. 

Everyone today looks forward to learning a foreign language. Our students got an opportunity to learn French from Ms Baldip Kaur, who fascinatingly introduced this language for students to remember. The takeaways by teachers and students were brilliantly put. The session on Self-awareness through Art got students to explore their emotions using art on paper. They learned to be aware of their feelings and handle them. The physical education teachers left no stone unturned, as they planned some games that got students to sweat so much that they had no energy left. They got to play tug of war, rugby, kho-kho, and compete with their classmates. The enthusiasm and cheer on the ground were something every student would carry as a beautiful memory. Overall, this day was filled with many emotions, laughter and learning that students will never forget.

Namratha Lilly Krupa Lokku

Namratha Lilly Krupa Lokku
Middle School Teacher – English

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